PA Day on Monday, September 29. No school for students.

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St. David Celebrates Their Hubby Award with a Video

St. David School is the proud recipient of the 2014 Edgar Burton Youth "Hubby" Award in Education. This award is awarded to deserving individuals or organizations as a public acknowledgment of their compassion, dedication, integrity and hard work for the people of Greater Sudbury. The school created this video to celebrate their award and each other!  Read more...

Smudging Ceremony For New School Site

On Tuesday, June 10, the entire St. David Catholic Elementary School joined their community partners at the location for the new school’s site. Just off of Frood Road, between the Spectrum and CTV buildings, approximately 250 students and staff joined Sudbury Catholic board staff as well as other community organizations to smudge the new site with elder Vince Pawis. Dawn Wemigwans, principal of the school welcomed all the students, staff and guests, and after a prayer by student Czesh Malik, the group listened to student singers/drummers while Pawis smudged the site to bring good feelings to the space.  Read more...

Art Club Blossoming at St. David School

The teachers and staff at St. David Catholic Elementary School appreciate that good education is based in holistic instruction. Art develops the whole brain. Art strengthens focus and increases attention, develops hand - eye co-ordination, requires practice and strategic thinking and involves interacting with the material world through different tools and mediums. Art builds self esteem, increases motivation and can strengthen our relationship with the environment. Read more...

Spring Chicks are Back at St. David School

The St. David Catholic Elementary School junior kindergarten classroom has been filled with anticipation and excitement over the last couple of weeks. Lindsay Michel, the school's junior kindergarten teacher organized the hatching of chickens in her classroom.  Read more...

“Welcome to Kindergarten” at St. David School

The Welcome to Kindergarten Program at St. David Catholic School was held on Wednesday May 21 in the school's gymnasium. The program was designed for families and their children who will be entering kindergarten in September 2014. Families and children attended mini literacy and numeracy workshops with their new teachers. All families received early literacy resources as part of the “Welcome to Kindergarten Program” and learned strategies for using these resources at home with their children.  Read more...

Teamwork and Partnership are the Basis of a Safe, Friendly School Environment

At St. David Catholic Elementary School it takes a community of parents and teachers working together to create a safe, friendly school environment. The St. David School Catholic Parent Council believes that a positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, included and accepted, and all members of the school community actively promote positive behaviour and respectful interactions.  Read more...

This Week at St. David

Tuesday, September 23
  • Parent Council meeting, 4:00 AM

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  • PA day - no school for students 
  • Open House  

Next school council meeting: Tuesday, September 23rd at 4pm

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