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2016 Chairperson Award winners announced

Michael Fabiilli, Kacey Boulrice and John Jamieson are the 2016 Chairpersonís Award Winners. These individuals embrace our Catholic values, exemplify the Boardís vision and mission, demonstrate initiative and ingenuity and contribute positively to the lives of students and staff.  Read more...

Elders pass down quilting tradition to St. David students

For Catholic Education Week, Mrs. Gran's Full Day Kindergarten class at St. David Catholic School, invited Elders into the classroom to teach youth the skill of quilting.  Read more...

Flat Stanley Visits St. David Catholic School

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is supporting learning across the border with a vist with Flat Stanley. Read more...

St. David School Celebrates Catholic Education Week by Focusing on the Value of Empathy

Rossella Bagnato, Superintendent of Effectiveness for Sudbury Catholic Schools visited Mrs. Cimino's grade 1 class during Catholic Education Week to teach the students about the importance of empathy. Read more...

FDK Hatches Chicks

For the past 21 days the Full Day Kindergarten students at St. David Catholic School have been doing an inquiry on chickens. Through books, drama activities, art projects, videos and songs the students have been learning about the hatching process of chicks. This week the students were very excited as they watched 14 new chicks hatch from their eggs in their classroom incubator! Read more...

Marymount Academy presents "A Regal Night" fundraiser

Marymount Academy presents "A Regal Night" on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Enjoy cocktails, dinner, a talent show and silent auction. Tickets are $30 each and available by calling (705)574-4231 or by stopping by the school's main office. Read more...

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